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Micro ManagementMicro Management provides its services based on two basic fee structures : fixed rate and/or hourly rate. Most of our long term clientele operate under a fixed rate for service fee. This is typically a fixed rate per month, which would include all the basic accounting/bookkeeping services for a month. For example, we would maintain the client’s books, process any GST, PST and payroll remittances, and provide a month end set of statements for a fixed fee. The fee amount depends on the type of service being performed, along with the volume. There is an additional fee for Year End services. This involves preparing the annual financial statements, reviewing all accounts, entering any necessary adjustments, and providing a complete set of documentation (including original documents) for use by a client’s accountant (if required) or preparing corporate tax returns and associated documents directly. For most of our clients these services are performed from our offices, relieving the client of their office paperwork and record keeping. We also provide these services at our clients’ offices, as required. Micro Management also provides its services on an hourly rate basis. For general bookkeeping services, our rates start at $40.00 per hour. Depending on a client’s requirements, we will provide you with specific rates.